Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's A BOY!

We found out last week our precious new baby is a boy! I was pretty surprised, actually. I had been almost positive it was a girl. It's nice of him to be a boy, though; it will make room sharing a whole lot easier and give Brighton an insta-best friend! Sebastian and Elijah are THE BEST of friends and get along so wonderfully, it's nice to know that Brighton and the new baby will have the opportunity at that kind of a relationship too. And the three girls all have each other, so it really works out pretty darn perfectly; a set of boys, a trio of girls, then another set of boys. :)

I also found out why I have not felt as many kicks from this little active guy as early as I did with the other 6 kids...the placenta is anterior (or in the front) where most moms feel a lot of kicks. I do feel kicks there, but only really strong ones and not until about 19-20 weeks. So that was reassuring as I usually start feeling pretty regular kicks around 16 weeks or so.

We are over half way to holding our sweet new baby in our arms! Just about 18 weeks left to go! :)

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