Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I have some of the best kids on the planet!

Here is a picture of my awesome kids this morning...day one of a screen-free life. (Yes, most of them are holding some sort of reptile...)

Last night, when I announced that we would be embarking on a week with no t.v., computers, netflix or a screen of any kind I assumed there would be mumblings and grumblings. To my sheer joy and excitement, the first thing I heard was "yay!" One of my girls was happy there was not going to be any screen time! Then, one by one, other kids chimed in with "I guess that's a good idea" and "ya, that will be good for us" and similar sentiments!! They were all so mature and knew that from this experience we would grow as individuals and as a family and break some bad habits.

My kids are just the best kids on the planet! :) I am so grateful for their willing, positive attitudes! I am so thankful for how thankful they choose to be! :) This is going to be a great week!!