Wednesday, August 25, 2010

By the way,

I've lost 20 pounds in the last 2 months or so!! :) You can read about how/why/etc HERE. :)

Family Closet

After struggling and struggling with laundry issues for years, I finally decided to make a family closet! I first saw the concept of a family closet from watching the TLC shows about the awesome Duggar family. I don't have a whole room I can dedicate to it, but I did figure out that it could fit nicely in our family room, located very conveniently next to the laundry! Our family closet consists of 2 dressers, a few bins and crates, and a hanging rack with bags underneath. I keep the five oldest kid's clothes in the family closet. Mine, Dave's and Duncan's are in our master bedroom (like normal people...) and Brighton's clothes are still kept in his room.
Everything is labeled. Each of the three girls have three drawers: one with undies, socks, swimsuits, jammies and undershirts, one with long and short-sleeved shirts, and one with pants and shorts. The boys each have a drawer with their undies and swimwear. Then I ran out of drawers. :) So the boys have two stacking bins, the bottom one with their socks (they wear the same size) and the top with their jammies (again, they basically wear the same jammies.) The sock bin is our cat, Owl's, favorite new napping place. :) I keep the boy's shirts in the two crates turned on their side: one stack of short-sleeved and one stack of long-sleeved.

All the kid's church clothes are hung on the hanging rack. Girl's skirts are kept folded on top. The hanging bags below come in very handy! One bag is for items that need to be mended and/or dyed, one bag is stuff that needs to be donated and the last bag is stuff that has been grown out of and needs to be sorted into the correct storage bin to await the next kid to grow into it!
I LOVE this new system!!! It has made laundry a joy to me! For years, I have gone from one method to another, mostly consisting of each person in the family having their own clean clothes basket....with the goal of putting their clean clothes away at least once a week. In reality, all 9 or 10 clean clothes baskets (gotta have a sock basket!) were lined up in my room where kids rifled through them each day to find clean clothes (and left their jammies strewn about) and each night to find jammies (and left their dirty clothes mixed in with the clean!) I only got around to putting clothes away every month or two. Our master bedroom always felt and looked like a disorganized laundry room. Now, my kids clothes are all put away for the first time in a looong time, and, better yet, I know that they will always be put away! No more clean clothes baskets (except for Dave and I, but putting away our clothes will be much easier now!) means that the kids clothes get put away as soon as they are washed and dried!! :) I hope in our next house, we will have a laundry room big enough to house our family closet...or even a small room close to it to devote to the cause!
Want to see our dirty laundry? Check out this post to find out how we manage it! :)
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Other good reasons to get healthy!

I changed my life a few months ago by embarking on a weight-loss/fitness journey! I thought I was just going to loose weight and get healthy...but so many more good things have happened! :) Did you notice my clean table??? :)
And my clean counter tops????

And my sink that is dirty dish free????? Isn't it lovely!?! :) I have found that the side effect of taking control of my health is that I naturally have started taking control in many other aspects of my life!! :) What a bonus! I still have a long weight-loss journey ahead of me, but now I have even more to look forward to than skinnier thighs! Making the choice to become healthier and following through with that choice 100% has empowered me to become more responsible in many other aspects of my life that I have been struggling with. I don't think my family has ever seen the bottom of the sink or not had their cereal bowl stick to the table on such a regular basis! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

I don't have to be able to "hoot" like an owl to be one!

I really just don't know what it is. I have spent years fighting it. I have spent years trying to change it. I have felt guilty about it, irritated and even angry about it! Something I can't control just happens to me every night around 9pm: I get ideas, motivation, energy, excitement...I have to make things happen!

My husband Dave, on the other hand, has the opposite and more approved issue of feeling really great and productive in the mornings whilst I lay in bed sleeping. Everyone knows that "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise," right? Then why is it that I get all my good ideas and tons of work done late at night and would rather not get out of bed before 9am?

I've experimented with going to bed early. Some nights it works; I fall blissfully asleep and don't feel completely wiped out when the kids wake up in the morning. Some nights, my brain just keeps working and working and working...unconcerned with the fact that my body is all snuggled up in bed and I awake groggily and dead tired in the morning. The difference for me, regardless of how I feel in the morning, is that if I go to bed early I miss out on getting lots of good stuff done!

My husband totally understands this. He no longer worries when he wakes at midnight to find my place in the bed empty...he just knows when he gets up in the morning he'll find a room rearranged or a cabinet organized or my blog updated. :)

Dave's acceptance of my night-owlishness has helped me to fully embrace my way of getting stuff done. When most people are seeping drool onto their favorite pillow case, I am being productive! :)