Thursday, June 16, 2011

A few things I loved about today...

-My sweet Duncan giving me random, loving "snuggles" while I was wearing him at the store
-My children working side by side with my hard-working Mom to paint my newly remodelled deck
-Hanging on every word 2-year old Brighton says, just loving the sound of his sweet voice and the cute things he says and the way he says them
-Hearing my children generously thank me for numerous things all day long
-Eating some of the yummiest Doritos I've had in years (good batch, I guess!)
-Realizing my oldest son has become a thoughtful, mature young man right before my eyes
-Hearing the thrilled squeals of joy coming from little girls in the backyard as they ran through the sprinklers
-Only having to change Brighton's clothes once, instead of 4 times like yesterday (kiddie pool...)
-Having Scarlett try to twirl what little hair I have while listening to Haven read us a book
-Joking with my fun Dad on the phone

-Letting the strong winds whip around me while watching the storm clouds come off the mountain
-Watching my brave 1 year old experience above refrenced crazy-strong winds with wonder and awe
-My strong Fiona helping her mother (who had a sore back and was wearing her little brother in the baby pack) lug a 55 pound bag of dog food in and out of the shopping cart
-Laughing at some genuinely funny remarks made by my witty kids
-Enjoying Elijah playing with his little baby brother so eagerly and sweetly
-Catching up with some old friends
-Taking the time to really soak in and appreciate the utter sweet wonderfulness of my children so much so that it brings tears to my eyes to realize how blessed and privileged I am to be their Mom
-Knowing that my life is so rich, wonderful and blessed that I could come up with so many "things I loved about today..." to keep me up all night typing! :)