Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

The world of Facebook is a strange one. One day I have 297 friends, the next I have 296 and I have no clue who's missing. Or why.

I was very reluctant to join Facebook. For years, friends were sending me e-mails saying they had joined and wanted me to too. I didn't. I fought it. I didn't really understand it. Then, one by one, most of my family (including my 99 year old Granddaddy) joined. So I did to. Then, I got it! Facebook is basically hanging out with family and friends whenever you want!! :) It is the main way my extended family communicates with one another. In fact, since joining Facebook, I interact with my extended family and friends more in a month than I did before in a year! I really like that. :)

Facebook is not just a meeting place for's also the place where you are now friends with people who knew you when you were only 3 1/2 feet tall and missing most of your teeth! Re-connecting with old friends has been so much fun!! :)

As a non-phone person, I also REALLY enjoy being able to arrange stuff with people via Facebook!!! Playdates, zoo trips, errands, visiting teaching's all made so pleasant and painless by sending them a message or posting to their wall!!! :) It actually makes me so happy to not have to arrange stuff by phone that I'd like to jump up and down and giggle with glee!!!!!!!!!!!! I will spare you that image, though, and remain in my seat...but still smiling. :)

It is a strange phenomenon, though...this missing friend thing. It happens a lot. I'm not sure why, but some times I have a few less friends than I used to, but I can't tell that anyone is missing. Of course, out of the almost 300 friends only about 30-40 post much at I guess whoever defriends me hasn't posted enough for me to miss that we aren't friends anymore.

I won't defriend you if you won't defriend me. :)