Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The best way to enjoy "black friday"... to go to the zoo and museum! That's what we though, anyway! The forecast for the day was near 70 degrees and the Denver Zoo was calling to me! We had planned to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on Monday, but the weather was just so awesome on Friday that I decided we should go to the zoo and then the museum (they are right next door to each other) and pick up the extra boxes of bamboo flooring we needed that happened to be at a Sam's store only about 10 minutes from our desired destination! It all seemed so perfect! We drove to the Sam's and bought the flooring along with way too many snacks. We filled our tummy's with Sam's Club pizza and then loaded up. The zoo was PACKED! I had naively thought it would be relatively deserted with the holiday weekend. I was sorely wrong! There were TONS of people there!! We still had fun doing a quick 2-hour round of the zoo, though. We haven't been to that zoo in about 4 years since we moved away from Boulder. We have such fond memories there; I pictured little toddler Elijah running around, little pre-schooler Sebastian speaking with an Australian accent about the "beauties" in the reptile house, and little chubby baby Fiona in a sun hat hanging out in the sling and later in the wagon caboose. :)

After the zoo, the kids and I high tailed it over to the museum while Dave went to the parking garage to move the car over to the museum parking lot. We had about an hour and a half before the museum closed. We only got to go to two exhibits, but we had lots of fun anyway. The museum was also pretty darn busy! I wish they stayed open later than 5pm!

Once the museum was closed (and they kick you out pretty promptly at 5pm!), we loaded everyone up with snacks in the car and they watched a few Magic School Bus episodes on the way home while Dave and I got to chat with one another. It was one of my favorite Black Fridays ever!

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