Tuesday, December 8, 2009

File Folder Addict

Above is a gorgeous picture of my file folder stash thus far. I LOVE these things! Last summer I decided to purchase some file folder activity books that you use to make your own educational file folders. Some people make their own from scratch; some people print off file folder activities from the Internet; some people buy pre-printed color file folder activity books. I am relieved that I am a part of that latter group, at least as a file folder newbie. Now that I have actually done all three options, I know the pre-printed color books are so much easier and faster to put together than the other two options.
Here are a few examples of the younger kid's file folder activities. (The one open is an activity reinforcing what an antonym is.) It takes me about 30-45 minutes to complete one of the younger kid's folders. These folders were made from these books ordered off of Amazon. They come in different grade levels. I also ordered a few other ready-made file folder activity books for the younger kids, but have yet to use them since they are not color...thus you have to take the time to color each one and THEN still put it together. I am thinking about selling those books...and now that I know which books I really like a lot (see below) I plan on purchasing some of those in other grade levels and subjects for next semester!

Here is an example of the older kid's file folders. These were made with the excellent Take It To Your Seat centers series (find link to the right under homeschool resources.) I LOVE these...VERY educational and useful. This series is my favorite. The younger kids activities use actual file folders. These ones use kids school type folders with pockets inside to hold the supplies for each activity. The folder open above is about 3 different types of poetry and contains laminated examples of poetry, spare lined paper for a rough draft of the child's original poem in one of the three styles, and worksheets to illustrate and write the final draft of the poem.
To make the folder, I simply tear out the pages along perforated lines, cut things out, glue things on the folder that might need to be attached firmly (makes the laminating look better and have less bubbles), mount components on card stock and then laminate everything that needs to be laminated (which is everything that is non-consumable papers/worksheets.) Then I cut the laminated pieces out and trim up edges, affix any velcro where necessary (mostly for the younger kid's folders) and then put the game pieces, etc in a zip-top plastic bag which I staple to the folder. Since each folder is laminated and any necessary components (cards, pieces, etc) are mounted on card stock and then laminated, I expect them to last through all of my kids!
These file folders have really helped to enrich, reinforce and introduce new ideas to our homeschool. I love that the kids can largely do them all on their own (the front cover contains the instructions and the back the answers, if necessary.) I love how organized and "together" they make me feel. :) I especially LOVE that the kids LOVE them (well, the math ones might just be a strong "like") and are very happy to do them.

Here is another place Brighton hung out this morning during school work (other than the dog.) :) This cabinet does have a child lock on it....but obviously not Brighton proof! What a cutie! He gave us all several good laughs this morning. :) And several sweet moments that melted our hearts, too. I love babies! :)

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