Monday, December 14, 2009

Fix my hair too!

Brighton feels left out when the girls get their hair done! He has started bringing us the spray bottle (which originally held no-tangle spray, no we refill it with water and a little squirt of conditioner) and begging to have us spray his hair! :) Today, Fiona and I decided to give him a mohawk. :)
He thinks it's so fun! The girls sometimes fuss about it, the big boys DEFINITELY complain, but he begs for more!

Then he turned it into a fun "chase me" game with the girls, who LOVE to play cute games with their adorable baby brother!

From there, it turned into a "stick the cute baby in the pink chair and look at how cute he is just sitting there while we push him around the kitchen" game. :)

He was so cute, just happy to sit there and be subjected to whatever the girls wanted to do with him next! Fiona plopped him in the chair saying "Oh, Mom! You have to come and see how cute he is!" Here in the above picture, Scarlett is spraying his foot. :) Then Haven pushed him around the kitchen for awhile. Scarlett parked him under the table where he was happy to just hang out for a good 5 minutes! :) He adores his brothers and sisters, and they all adore him! :)

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  1. babies are Wonderful!! They bring something amazing to families :)
    He is pretty darn cute sitting in his pink chair.