Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry, not this year!

I'm sure you do this to: the day is going really well, kids are happy, things are clean, you're feeling abnormally good and happy and so you plan big; "Sure, I could have 5 more kids! No big deal, it'd be great!" or "I can totally tackle that remodelling project without my husband, no problem!" I have had way too many of these moments recently, once of which being when I said "Let's do a homemade Christmas this year!" I must've been having a REALLY good day that day! We made big plans for a large variety of presents for the kids we could craft ourselves...the bulk of them sewing projects. I am not a real big sewer. In fact, it's been probably over 2 years since I sewed anything. And 5 years since I actually "made" anything by sewing. And, to add to that, I made this great sewing/homemade Christmas idea about 2 weeks before Christmas. I am a huge procrastinator and it usually works out for me okay, but 2 weeks and lots of huge projects to get done ONLY when the children are sleeping????

Reality hit me a few days later. I am 5 months pregnant and dead tired all the time, have a busy 14 month old baby to chase and care for, 5 other kids who need my attention and, lets face it, aren't all asleep until between 10-11pm at night!! There is no way I can sew and make a bunch of homemade gifts this year. This is NOT the year for a homemade Christmas! Once I announced such to Dave (who giggled when I told him,) I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! Some day we'll do a homemade Christmas...and when we do, we'll start before December even begins (good suggestion, Dave!)


  1. I am TOTALLY impressed that you even considered it!

  2. Hey, if you have some homemade food, then I say it is a homemade Christmas ;)
    Also, since you are making a HOMEMADE baby, I'd say that's really homemaking something special and more crafty than anything else you could be doing :D