Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It happens so quickly!

Brighton is learning and growing so fast! He just turned 14 months old this week. He is understanding more and more every day and is just so fun and cute! Today, to distract him from something small I needed to take away from him that wasn't safe, I put a hair scrunchy on his wrist. He thought it was so fun. He kept taking it off and then bringing it to me to put back on his wrist. After my enthusiasm for how cute it was on his wrist wore off, he would have me put it on his world and then walk over to the gate at the top of the stairs "yelling" to the kids downstairs (who could not hear or see him) how cute it was on his wrist. :) Then he decided to try putting it in his little ball maze thingy. He would stuff it in (as pictured above) and then try and REALLY stuff it in there using a paint stirring stick. Then he would pull the hair scrunchy out and do it all over again. So adorable!!
Of course, once I pulled the camera out and started taking pictures of him, he was hamming it up with big cheesy grins where his eyes are all squinty and his little beaver teeth stick out of his smile. :) I didn't manage to capture one of those classic baby looks (my camera is dying I think and not doing the job it used to), but I did catch the sweet one below. :)

Brighton is a real sweetheart. He loves cuddles when he has time for them; he is a VERY busy little guy. He goes from one thing to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next to the next and so on pretty much all day long! I forgot how tiring it can be to try and keep up with a busy little boy! (Just since I started writing this post he has moved on from the hair scrunchy to the window, to some cords to pull down and play with, to "mopping" and "sweeping" in the kitchen and now on to something else...) He always takes time to check in with me, though, either by talking to me and smiling or coming over for a hug. He has learned a few of the signs we have taught him. He has "eat" down pretty well (one of his favorite hobbies...), working on "more" (he usually signs "eat" for "more"...pretty much gets the same result!) and "all done" when he is, well, "all done." :) He has started bringing me things to open for him or help him with or do for him, which I think is pretty adorable and smart. :) One of his favorite things to do is just walk around holding something. He'll take a lap or two around the room with something, check on some stuff, find something new to hold and then go around again. :) Brighton brings a lot of joy and sweetness into our home and we all love him a lot!!

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  1. what a sweet and good family who gets such joy out of the simple things a baby does and learns! thanks for sharing these 'simple' things of life. i feel like i'm there again.