Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More sledding photos!

Scarlett making a sweet little snow angel. :)
Sebastian fortifying the barricade.

Fiona taking a little break from working on the "ramp"...which was a little hill they made in the middle of a sled run.

There is always a lot of snow eating during sledding!! :) YUM!

Elijah on his way back up to go down again! I'm so happy we bought the boys snow pants last year! I'm so happy we live in an area where they actually get to use their snow pants! We have amassed kid snow pants for years and years and they saw very little use. Last year after we realized we could actually expect snow several times each winter, we decided we needed to start amassing bigger sizes of snow pants for the kids who were outgrowing them! They have actually gotten a lot of use!

All five of the oldest kids!

Here is Scarlett experimenting to see if a skateboard on the sledding hill would be fun. It's not really....
Brighton, who woke up abnormally early from his nap, got very excited watching the kids out the front window!!


  1. That is so cute!! The baby at the window :D
    I have some of those of B watching the older kids and his sister outside playing. So so cute.
    Snowy days are so much fun!

  2. this is great-use your own yard as a snowhill! and what a smart daddy. looks too fun. and brighton looking out at them. i can feel myself there with you all. thanks for the trouble you go to to share this part of your life with us out here in the nederlands...