Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just needed to take a little break...

While everyone was working away at their school work this morning, I looked over and saw that sweet Brighton (who got up waaaaaay too early this morning) had decided the best place to take a little rest would be on the dog. :) Willow (who is now about 7 months old) is very sweet and gentle with him and didn't seem to mind being his pillow in the least.
She especially didn't mind once she realized Brighton had brought some snacks with him! After all our years of having dogs and toddlers, I have observed that dogs REALLY like toddlers: where there are toddlers, there are usually snacks!

He's learned to be such a great little pack leader already! She got a little too close to his snacks and he gently kept her away. :)

This was all going on under our work table. :) Here is Haven showing me a pattern page she just finished. All the kids are doing really well and making great progress. Haven (who is 5) has started sounding out words better than I had anticipated. She did this pattern page all by herself where you needed to read color words (blue, green, etc) and we have not practiced that, but she sounded them all out and finished the page all by herself!
Even though a few of us have the grumpies this morning (Mom in included...), we are still trying to make the most of this beautiful, snowy, wintry day. Cute babies, nice dogs and workboxes all help with that!

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  1. the sweet little hand keeping the dog in check brought tears to my eyes. very sweet little guy with the ability to be "...wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." a quality that becomes more and more important every day in these latter days.