Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In case you need to know: How to Make a Dragon

A Recipe To Make A Dragon
By Sebastian Boyd

1. Start with the complete genome of a crocodile.
2. Modify the leg genes to make them longer.
3. Insert the DNA of bat wings into the shoulder bone and increase the wing size by 40% and attach muscle genes.
4. Modify head to give it bumps and chochkas and thing-ga-ma-bibs.
5. Finally, change it's false pallet into a fire-false pallet, give it a plutonium stomach and an appetite for plutonium and give it a flight bladder.

There ya go! If you happen to have a crocodile and a DNA extractor, you are set to make your very own dragon!


  1. We will get right on it! ;) What a smartie-pants!

  2. cutest!!
    #4. . . see I would have gone all wrong with a thinga-ma-bob.
    And, where can I get myself a flight bladder? :D