Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Watching the sky for Daddy!

Dave had a cool opportunity last week to view Colorado Springs from a few thousand feet above the ground. He had done a favor for someone at work, so in return the guy offered to take Dave on a flight in his little plane. We knew about what time he would be flying over, so we all went outside to try and spot him. We did see a plane or two (well, I did...the kids really just played) that I thought might be his, but it turned out that he had flown over our neck of the woods a bit earlier than anticipated. Although we missed seeing his actual plane, the kids had fun taking a little break outside and enjoying the "warm" low 40's weather! :)
All the kids are so good with Brighton and know how to take care of him, but Fiona seems to want to do it the most. :) She is a very sweet big sister and takes really attentive care of him. He had LOTS of fun jumping on the trampoline with her!

The other girls wanted turns jumping with Brighton, but, sadly, I didn't think they were old enough to be in charge of him on the trampoline. They got over it and soon all had lots of fun again! :)

Brighton and I went in once his little bare feet were getting cold and watched for airplanes from a living room window. I love our living room windows because they are so low that Brighton can look out them perfectly. He thinks it is great fun to check out what is happening outside...he especially loves it when he sees Fiona getting the mail or another kid taking out the trash or Daddy coming home from work!

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  1. what a cute little slobbery mouth!! :D
    Fiona is adorable!