Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another great day for sledding!

We have been getting jipped. After every snow storm that passes through, we only come out with a few measly inches. I am very thankful for the many number of times we have been blessed with a few measly inches so far this year, but we have been waiting and hoping for that storm that brings a few least a few inches is still good for sledding! Above are Scarlett and Haven going down the slight hill that is our front yard.
Here is Scarlett after a good wipe out. :) All the kids had VERY strict instructions to stop themselves before they got into the street. Our street is not super busy, but we are only 4 houses up from a VERY busy road and so we do get traffic. The kids have a hard time stopping themselves at the sidewalk...not because it is hard to stop yourself, but because it is hard to stop the fun....In comes brilliant Daddy...

Dave came to the rescue by building a little snow wall with a curve to direct kids away from the street. :)

Added bonus to the snow barricade: it seems to be more fun! :)

They are still out playing and sledding in the front. From what I hear, Dave just got done building a "jump". :) Fiona just asked "can you make the jump bigger?" :) Brighton is having LOTS of fun watching them from the window and there is hot water simmering on the stove for when all the little frozen kidcicles want to come in and thaw out. Christmas vacation ROCKS! :)

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