Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wonderful weather!

One of the most endearing things about the area we live in, to me, is the weather! Never too terribly hot in the summer time, and always plenty of variety year round! I am a gal who likes change. No, I am a gal who NEEDS change. I like different hair styles. I like rearranging furniture often. I like re-organizing closets and cabinets. I like that we have moved a zillion times in the last 12 years. I find change reinvigorating and a motivation to change things in my life or family or home that need changing. Rearranging a room suddenly makes the room 1. cleaner and 2. fresh. Frequent weather changes, for me, are exciting and help catapult me toward the sort of day I need to have; productive, happy and fun.

This fall has been perfect so far; warm, sunny days mixed with cooler sunny days mixed with cold snowy days! So perfect! Today is a cold, snowy day and I have LOVED it! Waking up to a fresh blanket of white feels so good. It makes me want to make our home cozy with clean spaces and good food and a happy, attentive mother. It makes me want to stay in and be with my family. :) It makes me want to cook for them and clean for them. It makes me happy to look out the window and see little snow flakes fluttering around.

I could not survive in a place where the weather was static most of the year. I need all 4 seasons...and within those seasons I need variety still! I am so happy we have found that in Colorado! :)


  1. totally agree with you! I LOVE this Colorado weather too! I'm thinking it might be a pretty severe winter...but I'll just have to remember the last two most mild perfect ones to help keep my perspective. And, it sure has been a beautiful fall so far!

  2. That is a wonderful thing about Colorado weather. I really liked the wild mtn weather too. :)
    Having a nice storm roll in is so much easier than rearranging your entire house too :D