Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good excuse for my neglect

I have been so neglectful of my poor blog!! But I have had good reason...the first trimester. Ugh. Some women are able (willing?) to just plow through and live life as normal even though they feel like puking at any moment; like a very heavy, wet blanket that makes you just want to lie down 24-7 is draped over your body; like you haven't slept in months and need to sleep NOW desperately; like your emotions are not your own....I just am not one of those "plow through" women! I become a couch potato in the first trimester. My house is a literal pig sty (minus the pigs.) We eat lots of processed junk food and take out. People may wear the same outfit 2 or 3 days in a row. Kids may watch more than their fair share of movies and have a little longer than normal game time. Ugh. It is not me at my finest, by far! :)

I am now 14 1/2 weeks along with lucky number 7! I am so happy to be feeling more "normal" and not so blah. I have more energy and definitely more motivation! I only have nausea in the evenings and not all day long. I don't get grossed out by everything I eat anymore! I have actually deep cleaned some badly neglected areas of our home!!

We are very excited to be welcoming a new baby into our family. New babies are just magic! And we just think our kids are the awesomest kids around and are so excited to have to have another! This will likely be our last little one, which is a weird concept to me. I have been pregnant and/or nursing for the past 12 years pretty much. It will be weird in a few years when this new little one is weaned and I will be done with this phase of my life. It's a hard concept to grasp.

The boys all want the new baby to be a boy, of course, and the girls want it to be a girl. :) Right now we are at 3 boys and 3 girls, so this baby will be the tie breaker. :) What do you think? Boy or Girl?


  1. Grats!! I hear ya. I was sick the first trimester for all three of my boys. So glad to hear you're out of it. :)

  2. Congratulations!!! Go baby Mama! I miss you Heidi. Good luck with the pregnancy and the tie-breaker baby!! Can't wait to hear the stories. :)

  3. The first trimester is hard work! (I do not love that first trimester so much!)
    You're making a person. From scratch even!! :)

    You're going to be feeling tons better and just in time for the holidays!! What a great time to have your second trimester! :D

    I don't know what you're having- except a cute baby. Though it might be a girl. But it might not.

  4. as i recall when you were first aware of the baby and you guys told the kids there was this debate and Dave said it would just be twins-a boy and a girl. well, the ultrasound doesn't appear to show two little ones, so if it were me, i wouldn't want to know until it is born-a nice big surprize for everyone and then whatever gender it is, all would be thrilled because of all the anticipation before birth! so that's my solution for that debate. and my input for it anyway. good luck with it. let us know what you decide to do.