Friday, October 16, 2009

Wishing for an automatic!

Man o man o man! Sometimes it is just so hard to get kids into gear to get the things done they need to get done! I know (from remembering my own childhood) that this is not an exclusive problem to homeschooling families. Perhaps it feels more intense to me because they are here ALL day long and thus there are more times in the day where I need to ask them to do something. We have gone through periods of time where kids get up, get their stuff done in a timely manner and without too much reminding and then had their free time. Those times were GREAT! Now, however, we are just coming off the last 3 months or so where I was just "blah" and didn't follow through with the kids a whole lot. Now that I am no longer as "blah," some kids are taking issue with the fact that they need to be actual contributing members of the household and get stuff done. Some kids are taking issue with the fact that they need to learn things (like math....) that they don't want to learn. Some kids are taking issue with the fact that the chores have to be done all the way. Change is difficult at times. When you get out of the habit of things, it can be hard to get back in the habit. Cleaning and doing math are not the most exciting, fun things a kid could be doing. I understand the reluctance. I understand the resistance. I remember having those exact feelings as a kid. And I know now, as an adult, how thankful I am that my parents made me do them. I can say I actually like cleaning. I like the process. I LOVE the result and knowing that I transformed a room from filthy and cluttered to clean and organized. I appreciate the things I learned in school. I appreciate the knowledge gained through study as a child. I did not at the time. This is one of those "Circles of Life." It's a glorious challenge for parents to help guide, direct and get their kids in gear to accomplish the tasks and jobs of childhood....but they'll love us for it later! .....right?

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  1. that's great for a parent along the "circle of life" to hear! glad you said it. it wasn't fun being the parent who had to hold children accountable, but it sure is rewarding to see our grown children teaching and holding their children accountable so the "circle" can continue. what a profound thought process. i like the "circle" idea. thanks for sharing it, Heidi. we love you.