Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a guy!

Dave is such a sweet Daddy and thoughtful, helpful hubby!! :) I hurt my back last week, and he has jumped in there and helped out tons. He did NUMEROUS loads of laundry last week (it was so cute to hear him say that he needed to go and switch the laundry!! Words I've never heard him utter before, but have longed to hear....) and even scrubbed our toilet!!! We both had a chuckle about that as we figured out it was probably the first time in our whole marriage that he has scrubbed a toilet! Not that he is not a helpful guy when I am not injured...he is! :) Don't get the wrong impression...he does a mean load of dishes and can whip up egg tortillas in a pinch and get the giggles rolling faster than a toad can whistle Dixie!
Tonight I had to run to the store with a few of the older kids and Brighton to get some Valentines for their Cottage School class parties tomorrow. We planned on going earlier in the day, but Haven woke up with a fever and was sick all day so we couldn't drag the poor sweety pie to Wal-mart. I had to go to the chiropractor the minute Dave got home from work and then we chowed down on dinner when I got home, so it was already pretty late when we finally headed out to the store. And, Wal-mart being the time vortex that it is, it was even later when we finally got home! Poor Brighton was wet through (yes, I am such a neglectful mom!) but I had so much to do and help the kids get done in preparation for tomorrow, that I didn't have time to bathe the cutie muffin. Dave, being the great guy he is, was the one who got to get him all clean and watch him kick at the water tonight. He is very competent; he even put baby lotion on Brighton. :) Awwww. What a lucky gal I am!


  1. It's funny, I have seen some husbands unable to be a good fill in because they don't know the routine. It looks like Dave pays attention. That's awesome.

  2. :) That's wonderful. It's good you appreciate him. So many women fail to just appreciate their husbands and their efforts. It's wonderful to be married to a very good man. :)
    I love Mine!

  3. yes, he's a gem. he has a way about him that says he is just waiting to do something for you, heidi, and for the kids. it truly seems to give him pleasure and he's SO MUCH FUN! i love being around your family, in part because of dave's good sense of what fun really is. he can go overboard and then i have to ignore him(: you are fortunate and have that special quality to see the best in other folks, especially your hubby and family. i'm waiting for the party to start when i come in mar/april. see you soon!