Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life as usual

Fiona, Haven, Scarlett and Brighton. Brighton is absolutely adored by all of his big brothers and sisters. The girls, being girls, are the most hands on with him...asking to hold him all the time, cooing at him, "petting" his head, giving hin kissies and so forth. What a lucky guy! :)
This is Haven saying "oh, I love you so much, baby!"

This is Brighton, who is 4 months old, sitting in the high chair at the table for the first time! He thought it was fun. He is still a few months away from eating solid foods, but it is fun to have hin with us at the table now...well, it's nice to have both hands free and still have him at the table with us!! He's been sitting on Dave's lap, usually, at dinner. He's starting more and more to grab for things and play with actual toys...too cute! :)


  1. Sibling adoration and love is one of my favorite things about parenting :) It surprises me sometimes how powerfully my children love each other!
    Your baby boy reminds me just a little bit of B when he was at that age! Round face, big eyes and not much hair (Brighton has more hair I think than Brig did! )
    Having children is so much fun :)