Monday, February 2, 2009

Learning happens...

The finished dinosaur.
A work in progress.

....whether I initiate it or not...and more often than not it happens MORE often when I don't initiate it. This morning I was stressing out about having the kids get their chores done so that we could settle down to some "school" work...all the while they were "playing" a very educational game. Sebastian organized/made a fossil hunting game. He made some Dino bones from brown paper and had the other kids "excavate" them from a blanket and now they are being paleontologists as they figure out which bones go where to form the skeleton of a feathered dinosaur. It is all so sweet and cute and educational. :) Last night, Fiona complained to me about having to go to bed because she wanted to stay up late...Sebastian was teaching a genetics "class" (to Elijah) and Fiona wanted to be able to attend. Sorry...not at 9pm...maybe next time! (I'm such a mean mom...)

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