Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Faux Finish Failure

This is the armoire before (well...mostly before. Obviously I already started on the base color of sagey green) my attempt at faux finishing. My thoughts before: "it's pretty straight forward, how could I mess it up?" My thoughts after: "I am going to need a LOT of sandpaper to fix it..."

And just for the record, in the picture the armoire before looks pretty person it was pretty dingy and dirty and dull looking...thus the desire for the faux finish.
The attempt was a crackled, weathered effect. Yeah....not so much. Again...must. buy. sandpaper.

This one spot turned out "okay"....there were a few other spots that were "okay"....but I am going to either sand it down a lot to achieve the "weathered" look...or I may just put a whole new coat of crackle finish stuff on it (much thicker this time....I see now that is the key) and do a new top coat to crackle.

This is the armoire after. Does it look better than it did? For the most is much lighter and cleaner and nicer looking. Did I achieve the look I was going for? Heck no. Was it worth possibly burning my trachea from the faux finish fumes? YES! :) Good, solid learning experiences are always worth a small scar or two on ye ol' trachea...

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