Saturday, February 14, 2009

Romantic Winter Wonderland

Happy Valentines Day! This morning we woke up to one of my favorite winter scenes: frost and snow covering all the trees and grasses and just about every surface it could stick to! So gorgeous! The kids and I thouroughly enjoyed it as we drove to the church this morning for
a primary activity. The world felt very calm, quiet and majestic.

The sun is out and the frost is gone now, but we enjoyed it while it lasted! I am so grateful for a thoughtful Heavenly Father who so sweetly made the world for our enjoyment! Waking up to a white winter wonderland is just one of the many, many ways He shows us every day His great love and concern for us! I hope, on this day of love, you feel loved! Remember to show those around you your love and appreciation for them! :)


  1. i also love those mornings, or whole days. there's something so peaceful about the world being covered in white. i think it's the purity it seems to symbolize. it projects a picture and feeling that all is, indeed, right with the world and everyone in it. in these furious and tumultuous times it's nice to have these reminders that everything here in this life is not lost and dark. thanks for the photos. i love them. and i love your photography. i am slowly learning how to compliment this old world in my own photos. i think maybe next year i will know enough to be happy to see the world the way i see it and the way it really's a process.

  2. Hey Heidi, I just realized that Shaina and Heath Nunnley are out in Colorado Springs. Shaina Weber is her last name. Also there are some friends that Zeke knew from high school out there, Adam and Coleen Conlin. I don't know how large the LDS community is out there. I thought I would ask.