Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dead Dino Cake....YUM!

The annual Cub scout Blue and Gold banquet was held the other night. In this ward, they have a tradition of having a cake contest every year. The boys and Dave decided to do a dino dig site cake. It turned out really cool (and super yummy). These are the pictures of before we went...once we got there they added 3 little guys with shovels and buckets who were was way, I mean cool...very manly and scoutish and....well...dirty. They won the award for "dirtiest cake" (in scouts everyone is a winner of something...there is no "main" winner...except in the pinewood derby, of course.) The dirt was crushed up Oreo's. And can I just say here and now that crushed up Oreos are sooooooo heavenly and yummy....better than intact Oreos, in my opinion. I felt tempted to buy a bag of them today at the store for the sole purpose of crushing....wah ha ha!! (insert evil laugh/tone here....)


  1. Our ward does cake contests as well. It was fun when I was a leader. I cn't wait for my boys to get old enough to be scouts.

  2. oh I love baking/decorating cakes :) I think it's so much fun!
    that one turned out cute.
    Dave looks great! and the boys are so big.

  3. our ward didnt do cakes, they did cookies.
    cakes would have been more fun!
    looks like a great cake! perfect for boys! :)