Friday, February 13, 2009

Hard to miss at 14,000 feet!

*Gratuitous Baby Photo*
This is the picture of my view of the baby while he's doing his baby work out on the good ol' baby gym. This is, of course, the best view in the whole house. :)

The above picture is the view right outside the dining room/kitchen window from my computer desk.

When we were looking for a house to buy here (and before I had ever been to Colorado Springs), it seemed to me that almost every house listed boasted of a view of Pikes Peak. I wondered how a city so large could accommodate so many houses with perfect views of Pikes Peak. Then I visited Colorado Springs and realized a couple of different things: there are a lot of hills in this town, which gives people a lot of great views, and it is really hard not to have a view of a mountain that towers 8,000 feet above the city (our elevation here is about 6,000 feet) and it's again, hard to miss!! :) But, our house does happen to be able to boast a picture perfect view of the Peak out of all the front windows and the side windows. In fact, I think the boy's room has the best view! The above pictures were taken from the living room. It is majestic to look out at...particularly when there is snow. We have not visited Pikes Peak yet, but hope to this summer!


  1. oh I Miss the mountains there! And our views we had in Estes Park! Glad you're enjoying your vistas. CO has some of the most amazing ones to offer.

  2. Those are some gorgeous views you have there! But I think the most gorgeous one was the first picture :) What a sweet handsome little guy you have there!