Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gotta love the matter what it looks like!

Look at the new storage I gained by re-purposing the armoir!! And making a trip to Wal-mart for more storage can never have too many storage tubs!! :) Woohoo!! Brighton is excited too!! :) He loves some good, quality organization!
I have now gained all power and control over kid's activities and a lot of their toys: you have to ask mom to get something out for you and then you can't get anything new out until the previous activity/toy is put all away! The top part is full of educational activities and games and supplies (math manipulative's, experiment supplies, etc) and puzzles...oh, and the prize bucket (yes, it's the prize bucket even though it is and always has been a tub...more info on it later.) The lower part is mostly toys (a tub for frogs, one for lizards, one for water creatures, one for snakes, one for mammals, etc) It's great because I used to have a lot of these things on my book cases crammed in with all the books which made it hard to keep the books clean and put where they belong. The activities and things were also largely in plastic bags and old yogurt and Smart Balance tubs. The new system is MUCH cleaner and easier to use! And my book shelves are so much nicer to look at now! A few months ago, I used my embossing label maker to label the book shelves so everyone knows exactly where books can be found and where they need to be put back (labels like "sciences, history, board books, early readers, etc.) It has worked really well and our books are being both better utilized and better taken care of. Woohoo!!

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  1. Looks like you've been busy getting all organized! Looks nice!