Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday night marshmellowey fun!

Who doesn't love roasted marshmallows??? :)

We all stayed home from church on Sunday with the majority of the family sick and a few with fevers. Sebastian did a great job of getting a nice, warm fire going in the family room for us to all cuddle up and watch Extreme Make Over: Home Edition (which we often watch on Sunday, it's not part of our religion. :) Just a thoughtful, family, feel-good show to watch together...minus the ads (we LOVE the DVR!) of course!) I bought some large marshmallows earlier in the week so that, when the time was right, we could enjoy roasting them together over a hot fire. Last night, the time was right. :)
This is Fiona (one of the people with a fever) and Sequoia. Sequoia did not eat any toasted 'mellows. :) It probably would've glued her little jaws shut...probably not the best idea. Though her barking is irritating........

This is Scarlett and Haven as they are roasting their marshmallows (with my help, of course!) We have a couple of sturdy, long roasters so no one had to get to close to the fire, except the mom who was helping to make sure their marshmallows weren't burnt to a crisp and smashed into a burning log.... The older kids did have the obligatory flaming 'mellows that no one wanted to eat (they were placed on the "public's" marshmallow plate...the plate designated by the older kids for the "public" to freely partake of...we, the "public" were not too interested, but thanks anyway) but over all it was a good roasting experience. Yum. My favorite way to eat a marshmallow is still to pull it between your fingers like taffy until it is the consistency of taffy...changes the flavor and tastes yummier. Not that marshmallows aren't yummy to begin with. Actually, I think my favorite is to let them get THAT is yummy!! Luckily, marshmallows are way to rich and sugary to eat more than a couple at a time!

(all photos taken by Sebastian)

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