Monday, February 2, 2009

Master "Chef" with his "Sous Chef"

Sebastian has started cooking. He has been asking me to let him cook for a long time now...and now I am finally "letting" him. He is really good at it. Today he and Elijah made egg omlets and egg tortillas for themselves and all the other kids (which was super nice since no one else wanted what I had for lunch...left over fajitas from dinner last night).
This is the first time that Elijah helped. We do need to branch out from eggs, though. It is nice we can buy a ton of them from Sam's Club, but people need to eat more than eggs every day for lunch. :)

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  1. this looks like you actually have a kitchen!! and how good it looks. please post a photo that showcases just the kitchen and newness stuff in it. how great it is to have those kiddos get to the point that they think cooking is fun. and to see them make the mess and clean it up is so rewarding. really it is just so neat to have them be accountable for thenselves and the things they are in charge of. what great lessons for later life, but especially a good, good validation that they are capable and can do just about anything...