Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Totatlly And Completely Official!

Brighton totally and completely rolled over for the first time!!! Woohoo for him!! :) I was washing some dishes in the kitchen while he was doing a little baby work out on his baby gym. After awhile, his squawks and squeals sounded more muffled than usual so I walked over to see what he was up to....
And there he was....on his tummy!!! :) Only one of his arms made it up to a good position, as you can he was sort of face planting with only one arm to hold himself up with...thus the muffled sounds. :) What a sweety pie!
Scarlett just came over from her perch in the kitchen (she was watching some Papa's cookies cool...) and asked about the above picture of Brighton. I told her he had rolled over all by himself and she sucked in all the air in the room with her amazement! :) She had a big, chocolaty grin (she has enjoyed a few freshly baked Papa's cookies already....those of you from my childhood will probably remember the cookies my Dad made...) and asked if the picture was a "show". She was very bummed that it was not a recording. She immediately looked downtrodden and said "aw, man! I wish it was a show!" I to, had the same regret...I should've video recorded the monumental moment rather than capturing it in stills...alas the wisdom of a 3 year-old!

*Gratuitous Picture of Baby Chubbiness*

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