Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's in a name?

Our usual baby name picking routine is that we make a list. We usually come up with a good 4-5 names that we both agree upon and feel good about for our impending arrival. The list is handy right after the baby is born and we decide who we think this baby is. It worked well for Sebastian, Elijah, Fiona, Haven and Scarlett. Brighton was a name we had picked out for a boy before Haven was even born. We still had a list of back-up names, though, in case he came out and wasn't Brighton...but he was. :) This pregnancy has been a bit different, though, as far as names go. I had several girl names that Dave liked. Then we found out we were having a boy, so obviously the girl names were out! I would suggest boy names to Dave every few days and he didn't like any of them. He would suggest names to me and I didn't like any of them. I was beginning to think our baby would just be called "Baby" for the rest of his life. Then, one day, I suggested a name and Dave said he loved it. I loved it. We came up with a middle name right away that fit perfectly. We knew our baby's name and no other alternatives were necessary. Weird. This has never really happened before. It's cool, though. It's made the baby like an "official" member of our family already. The kids talk to him and call him by name. He is included, by name, in our Family Home Evening song. :) Sometimes, it's like he's already here...just quite.

I always thought it was sort of strange how people had their baby's name picked out months before the baby was born, but now I understand. Of course I am open to the possibility that he may come out and not be who we think he is and then he will be known as "Baby," but I'm pretty sure he is.....well....I'm not going to say until he's born! :)


  1. so, i will have to call you get it out of you cause this is totally out of character, like you said! i'll probably come about the 5th or 7th or so in Ap. i'll stay for a month, or close to it. i want to be be back here for your dad's final fireside about the first Sunday in May, so we'll see what that does for time spent there. i want to know this name, so will bug you til i get it.

  2. This post is just mean Heidi!! :P

  3. I totally don't want to know until you have the baby. :) Grant would not remember if you told him now. SO he'll happily wait until you have the baby too :D
    We named our sweet 5yo way before we conceived him and we *knew* that was who he was-- and he was! It was fun to know who he was and what he would be called.
    Happy Gestating! :)

  4. We are the opposite. All of our four we picked out before they were born. (we didn't tell either ;) Our second child's first and middle name we even had picked out before he was concieved, I agree that it was really nice to have such an idenity for them. We could never have a list of names b/c there is never more than one we both agree on! I have the "no, no, no way, absolutly not!" husband when it comes to me suggesting names, so it has been a miracle there have even been 4 names that he can tolerate :)