Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New 'do

I'm really just NOT a long hair person. Some women look gorgeous with long, flowing hair; I just don't. I am a short hair person. My first short hair cut was when I was 7. I asked my mom to cut it short. I think I specifically asked for it to be like my older brother, Grant's hair. (See above photo of the very hair I am talking about...both mine and Grant's!) The next year, when I turned 8, I had her cut it even shorter...I basically looked like a boy. It's what I wanted, though. I also started dressing like a boy. Most people, in fact, thought I was a boy. My mom, bless her heart, dealt with it all very well and very positively. Good job, Mom! I had that same short hair cut until one fateful day when I was 10 1/2 or so. I was riding my bike in the neighborhood and a girl whistled at me. Apparently, I was handsome as a boy. ACK! From that day on, I started growing it out. It wasn't until I was 16 and had a bleaching/dyeing kick that ended in fried hair that I cut it short again. I loved it! And I really felt that short hair suited me so much better than longer hair (by "longer" I mean shoulderish length, by the way...I was never patient enough to let it grow longer than that!)
Since that time, I have had a pretty regular cycle of growing it out, then chopping it off; growing it out, then chopping it off. When Fiona was a baby, my hair was the longest it has ever been since I was a little girl. This was my "hippy" stage where I went a year without wearing any make-up or shaving my legs to make a statement about women's beauty. But, the fact remained that I really did not care for long hair. Hair on my neck bugs me and it's harder to style. Longer hair doesn't do much for my face structure and I usually end up wearing it in a pony tail most of the time anyway which leads to the dreaded pony tail headache...not fun!
I think it may be official now: no more long hair! Ever. Again. Why do I keep doing it when I don't really like it? I can be a cute, feminine and beautiful woman without having long hair. So last night I took my trusty hair-cutting scissors and cut off a ton of hair. It felt very good. :) I usually prefer cutting my own hair since I am the one with the picture of how I would like it to look in my head. When I go to someone to get it cut, I usually end up coming home and "fixing" it anyway.
Now with the world of Facebook, if you mention you cut (or color or whatever) your hair, everyone wants to see a picture! (Me, included...so if you cut or color or whatever your hair...post a picture!) So this morning I thought I would take a few photos to post. Ya know, some people are just really photogenic and hardly ever take a bad picture. Some of us, however, are NOT. I remember my junior year in high school the day our school pictures came back. I happen to be working in the office that hour and saw my picture. UGH! It was really quite bad. My dad (who was principal at the time) was there along with some friends, trying to reassure me that it was a "fine" picture. :) We all knew it just wasn't. There was one guy there who said "well, it looks like you and you look good." Somehow that made me feel a bit better...but not really. :)
So jump to this morning... I ended up taking over 100 pictures! I still don't know that I am particularly all that pleased with any of them...but I am not about to take 100 more. (The song "You're So Vain" kept playing in my head...) :) So here are three that I don't hate. :)


  1. love the photos-exception: the smile is missing in two of them!! what's with the emo look anyway? or it that it even? 100 photos is a lot, Heidi. geez. you're just too subjective to really know. when i come, i'll do some and i'll tell you what's good of you and what's not. and i do know...

  2. Heidi--I think you're simply gorgeous! I love these pics of you too! I can't believe you cut your own hair! I could never do that--although maybe I would end up liking it better than when I go and have a "pro" do it! ;-) I love your short hair 'do too! You rock it!