Thursday, January 21, 2010


Our baby gate is not all that secure...the place we had to install it (due to stud location and banister location) is about 7 inches away from the top step...which creates a large gap. We have pretty successfully kept the baby in the living room by shoving an old couch cushion in the gap. Brighton is now figuring out that if he can wedge himself between the gate and the cushion, he is a free man! Here he is looking all innocent with one leg under the gate and Willow looking on.
I turned around and then heard little giggles that sounded like they were coming from the entry way...and they were! He had escaped.

And was very happy about it! :) He is pretty safe on the stairs and, obviously, knows how to get down. I am not ready to take the baby gate down yet, though. I like knowing where he is and that he can not get downstairs without me. The gate will stay up for a few more months, at least. He has not tried to escape yet today, so that's a good sign, right?!? :)

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