Thursday, January 21, 2010

Helping Daddy

Brighton is getting to the age where he LOVES to be involved in what we are doing and LOVES to feel like he is "helping". It is so adorable! Last Christmas break, we started our kitchen remodel. This Christmas break, we wanted to finish it. :) I had decided I did not like the new lay-out, however, and came up with a new lay-out that I knew would work better. So the day after Christmas, Dave got started on making it all happen! The first step was to turn our "new" half-wall into a full wall. Brighton was very ready and willing to "help" Daddy with this fun project!

Once the wall insert was built and Dave was installing it, Brighton found his little toy squeaky hammer and I showed him how he could "do work" too by hammering the wall. He was so proud of himself! I missed getting a picture of it, however, but I'm sure you can imagine how adorable he was! :)
Part of the new layout involved moving the stove and microwave (again...) Dave needed to go up into the attic and move some wiring and thus needed the ladder. Brighton, who is quite the climber these days, thought the ladder looked super fun! I had deterred him a number of times. When I was out of the room, Brighton started to climb again. Dave thought it was adorable and spotted him while he ventured up the ladder.

As I was coming down the hall and Dave was grabbing the camera, Dave called to me to spot him so he could take some pictures.
Once Brighton got to the top, Dave said "let go and I'll take a picture!" I was a bit nervous about letting go, but I think Elijah (who is such a sweet big brother) was even more nervous!

Brighton was SO happy and proud of himself to be at the top! After this fun adventure there was no keeping him off of the ladder, so it went back in the garage. :)
The kitchen is VERY close to being completed! We now have almost all of the cabinet doors up and all the cabinet trim. I LOVE the new layout and can't wait until it is fully and completely done! I will post pictures of it soon!

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  1. i'm really excited to see photos of the new, new layout!! i remember how great it was when you posted pics of it the first time around. i can't imagine it, so hurry up. so, the whole wall thing is for more cabinets, or what?