Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Fix-it

The two little girls have been making little houses and enclosures out of chairs and benches turned on their sides in the living room. Then they fill the enclosures with dress up clothes and blankets for their beds and substrate. :) We have these two little kid stools I picked up last summer at a garage sale. I am a sucker for cute little wood kid furniture and stuff! They are not the most well-made stools on the planet, however, and we really haven't used them all that much. The girls thought they might fit well into their plan for walls, so they brought them out to the living room. Almost immediately, a leg fell off. Brighton found the screw that fell out and set to work trying to put the screw back in the stool!
Here is Haven's hand trying to help Brighton's cute little chubby hand! :) So sweet!

He worked pretty hard on it for about 20 minutes or so! Wow...for such a busy, busy little guy, I was very pleased that he worked on it so long! :) His fix-it session ended, however, when he gave up putting the screw in the stool and started eating it....

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