Friday, February 19, 2010

The kind of day we're having...

Brighton just dumped a nearly full bag of Honey-Nut Cheerios and I don't really fact my first thought was "awesome, they can have a snack and be entertained at the same time!" instead of something more sane like "oh geez, there went $3 and now I have to clean it up!"
That's just the kind of day we're having. Or, more specifically...the kind of day I'M having. There have been some days during this pregnancy where I have been a normal, productive person; doing normal, productive things like cleaning and feeding people. I have to admit, though, that the majority of this pregnancy has consisted of days like today. I'm tired. I don't feel like cleaning. I let kids sleep in late. I'm just sitting around. The house is a pig sty and a half. I am not really "making" kids do chores and clean stuff up. The kids certainly aren't complaining. The dogs (who now get to eat hundreds of cheerios off the floor) are certainly not complaining. But I never really feels good to not be productive day after day. It does feel good to get things done and to have a clean house and yummy, healthy food to eat. The motivation and energy just aren't there most days. Some of my pregnancies have been super productive times....when I was pregnant with Haven, my house was so consistently clean that I ran out of things to clean every day and resorted to washing couch cushions and such! I had a lot of energy and, I think just as importantly, tons of drive to get things done. Not so this time around! I guess I have plenty of years ahead of me of having a clean house.....that's what I am telling myself, anyway! :)


  1. i hope you know that you are harder on yourself than anyone else would ever be, and that you don't have permission to look at it like that-cause that's what i do. that would be you, being your mother. Oh No!! that just isn't right. so, think of how today(Monday) started out for you and put the other stuff out of your mind and...this too will pass. i love your honesty [when it's productive to you]. i would love to be there being your extra hand.

  2. I totally agree, sometimes at the end of the day i think to myself, "man, i did NOTHING but sit around" I figure it's ok to just sit around every now and then, its not like the mess is going anywhere :)