Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Err, or was that Happy Chinese New Year? Or wait...I guess it was both, but at our house, we sort of only paid attention to the Chinese New Year part. :) Dave brought back the girls some lovely Chinese dressed last time he went to China, so the girls wore those to church on Sunday. Above is Fiona in her dress, with a Chinese shawl and even holding a Shitzu! (we were doggy sitting...)
All three girls (and Brighton.) Dave wore a Chinese tie, I wore a skirt he brought me back, Elijah wore a Chinese vest, and Sebastian wore a silk Chinese jacket type thing.

I put chopsticks in all three girls' hair. It was pretty darn adorable...though Scarlett and Haven's kept falling out at church, so we just left them out. I guess they need more hair...or less slippery chopsticks!


  1. very fun and cute and appropriate for Chinese Yew Year. i thought you guys when i saw it was the Year of the Tiger! you and Dave do such fun, neat things with your kids. love to keep up with your blog.

  2. hey, that was me, mom, who just made the comment about Chinese New Year! i guess he was still logged in from the other day.
    and put an "of" in between "thought" and "you"..