Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Budding composer

Fiona has been taking piano lessons for a few months now from an adorable teenage girl in our ward (our church congregation.) She has been learning a lot and really loves to practice and loves playing the piano. This week, she started writing her own songs. With hand-drawn lines on a blank piece of paper, she meticulously wrote in the notes as she selected and played them. The next day, I printed off some blank sheet music from this site.
She went right to work on some new songs! She really gives a lot of thought to how she wants her song to sound and tries it out several times before writing down the notes.

This particular afternoon, Brighton was having a hard time taking his nap, so she voluntarily played a few octaves higher and pressed the keys very lightly. :) I love seeing her play the piano and hope that she will continue to love it and achieve a comfortable level of proficiency as she gets older.
My Dad taught me how to play the piano when I was little. I practiced very little and had whole years at a time when I hardly played. I did manage to continue learning, though I never tried very hard. I really enjoy playing the piano now, but am sad I never took the time to reach a more serviceable level of proficiency; I play only a few songs well enough for myself or anyone else to sing along to and I do not play well enough to be an accompanist at church...both things I hope to accomplish one day! I guess I should follow Fiona's example and practice more!

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  1. yes, follow her example and take lessons again! some of the women in our Sandpoint ward were taking from a very gifted pianist who lived ther for a few years and they learned quickly and loved it. it's something i still have on my list. and yes, i'm sure practice, practice, practice is the way to go. i love that you guys play at all. tell Fiona i am so happy for her!!