Wednesday, February 10, 2010

true to form

True to form, I have procrastinated the kid's valentines until the very last minute! Tomorrow is their school day and their valentines class parties. I've known about it for weeks, but, like usual, I didn't help them do anything about it until this afternoon. I didn't feel like going to the store to buy valentines, so I used this idea from Family Fun magazine. Now, I knew our version would not turn out as dainty and cute as the's the thought (and the process of making them) that counts!
Above and below is what it looked like in our kitchen while everyone was hard at work cutting out all the little hearts...we cut out a LOT of little hearts!
You may have noticed the bench and all the chairs tipped over on their sides and people standing up or sitting on the table rather than on said bench or chairs....this is all for a very good reason named BRIGHTON. Except at mealtimes, we have to keep the bench and chairs lying down to prevent Brighton from climbing on them and using them to climb onto even higher things. He is very adept at moving the chairs to a desired location and then climbing up to get into things or to sit on the table...all not too safe things for him to be doing. The little kids don't take up enough room on a chair to prevent him from climbing up on it with them, so they can't sit on a chair unless Brighton is busy or in his highchair (which he also can climb out of...) It will be nice in a few months when we can all sit down again...and not have a bunch of chairs lying around!

Here is our finished valentine. All the kids worked together to cut out the hearts and assemble the valentines, then they all split them according to their class sizes. They used the petals to write "From..." I think they are pretty adorable...and the kids really enjoyed making them!
So have I learned my lesson about waiting until the last minute? Probably not...I think that's just how I function best, actually. Even though it would more than likely be less stressful and maybe even more enjoyable, I am a procrastinator...I get some of my best ideas and inspirations at the last minute...I get the drive and motivation to get things done at the last possible second...I'm not good at planning ahead; it's just who I am and I guess it works for me! Well, most of the time it works...

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  1. How very adorable and what a fun activity. it's so great now to be able to just search online for ideas. when we did them, it was all me and my creative ideas, which were fun but not this cute and creative that i recall. we also were able to buy those small cheap cards in a package-can you still do that? we all loved the big Valentine Heart cookies that i made for each child. glad you had a fun time.
    And Heidi, if you just tweak your thinking a little to this, it might help: some folks just excel at life in general when doing projects, or learning, or anything, when it's done in "crunch-time". so that's what the world (and evidently you) call "procrastination". if you look it up, you'll see that it's just not you. you do better at most, or all, things when you do them in a crunch. Mark is that way, your Uncle Bill is like that, many folks are. so join this elite group of people who excel in "last minute" productivity. you do great.