Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of pure desperation...

No, that is not a picture of one of the girls when they were younger....it is poor Brighton! I have been soooooo neglectful of the laundry that tonight after his bath, all I had to put on him that would be warm for bed was a purple "Big Sister's Rock!" shirt. At least he had some "manly" sweatpants with fighter planes on them to balance it out. Now to go tackle the mountain of laundry...


  1. you are funny, girl. he would never know about this if you didn't blog it all over the world!!
    and it's not legible in this photo. he's always so cute and sweet. thanks for keeping up with this blog.

  2. hey, please update your "how big is baby" now-i know it's more than this squash.

  3. mom, you're funny. :) If I didn't blog about it, how will his future girl friends go on-line to check him out? :)

    the "how big is baby" thing is an automatic thing I don't control...think of it as a big squash. :)