Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh No!

The other day, we actually got enough snow to warrant shoveling. I sent Sebastian, Fiona and Elijah out to get it done. About 10 minutes into it, I saw the above image. Oh no! Has Elijah fainted from over-exertion?
Are we experiencing another round of stomach flu and he is about to throw-up?

Oh...huh...he's just taking a bit of a break to hork down as much snow as possible without actually having to do the work of picking it up and bringing it to his mouth. :)

Sebastian and Fiona, on the other hand, were hard at work making another snow curve to keep kids from going into the street when they sled. Sebastian had most of the sidewalk shovelled and had used a lot of the snow for the wall.

The girls were busy playing while all of this was happening. Then they came out and saw the kids outside and, of course, wanted to join them.
When Elijah saw the above picture of Scarlett, he said "aw, she's so cute!" Elijah is her buddy. He came in shortly after the pigging-out-on-snow feast. Being her buddy, he helped Scarlett get ready to go out into the snow. What a nice big brother! All of the kids are just so sweet and helpful...they impress me every day with their willingness and desire to help one another!
Back to the snow scene outside: Once Sebastian caught onto the fact that, while he was still shoveling, Elijah was taking an extended "break" to eat snow, he came over to "encourage" Elijah to help out some more.

And on a completely different note: I have been letting the kids use the camera pretty much whenever they'd like to. It's getting older and not taking nearly as nice of pictures as it used to, so I am not all that protective of it these days. When I was downloading the snow pictures, the above picture caught my eye. When the boys saw it, they both started giggling. Everyone is so good at playing with Brighton and love to think of different things to make him giggle. I guess Brighton thought it was funny to sit on Elijah's head. :) I'm sure he didn't get *any* encouragement from his big, silly brothers! :)

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  1. very fun and sweet. we had about that much snow also. melted by the end of the day however.
    i don't know what it looks like for you, but three of these photos are just showing the very top part, so can't really see them, including the last one of Brighton which i can't see at all. gotta go pack some meat for freezing-went to Costco today. love you