Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sleeping like a baby.

Sleeping FOR your growing, in-utero baby is NOT like sleeping like a baby! Of course it's hard to get and stay comfortable and random appendages fall asleep. It's definitely frustrating to have to get up every few hours to go to the bathroom. Then there's heartburn to contend with, and weird, random leg cramps. Speaking of legs, there is also restless leg syndrome that can get pretty darn irritating! But this pregnancy, those things seem like cake to get over compared with the dreaded INSOMNIA!!

I am tired. I am overly tired. I am exhausted. I go to bed and it can take HOURS to actually fall asleep! Then, when I finally get to sleep, I wake up several times a night for NO REASON and then can't fall back asleep right away!! AGH!! I used to find solace and relief in my daily nap, but now INSOMNIA has ruined that too!!

Being pregnant is a wonderful, happy blessing. I love my sweet little unborn. :) I love that my body can nurture and support this new life. I just wish it were easier to get some rest!

6 weeks left and counting!


  1. sounds really good, and the insomnia sounds really horrible! warm milk has triptophan in it just like turkey. i know you don't like it, so make eggnog like i used to and flavor it like you like. insomnia is the worst of all things to beset humankind, is what i've decided. have turkey dinners more often, read after you get into bed til you fall asleep; you know all the things, i guess, but are you doing them? so sorry it's happening right now and hope you have every other or third night that you actually do sleep. love your blog.

  2. woot woot! i havnt been reading blogs and my dad told me u where pregers.....forever ago....sorry! belated crazy women;)
    love your pics...keep up the inspired work.

    yeah....sleeping wasnt in my vocabulary either. good luck with not sleeping for the next year.