Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The great computer change-over.

Usually Thursdays are one of my very favorite days of the week. Of course, Thursday is right before Friday and Friday is just about the weekend! Then there's the fact that my 4 oldest kids attend the Home School Academy all day that day, the house is quiet and calm and Scarlett and I get to hang out together. :) One of my sisters-in-law loves Thursdays and always celebrates that day. Thursday is also one of my work-out days, which I look forward to and love. Oh, and Survivor is on that night. :)

Last Thursday was not the usual joyous Thursday, however. I was scheduled to have my first root canal that afternoon (in place of my usual work-out...so not the same!) I had downloaded some stuff on to the computer the night before that I could put on my phone (which is also an MP3 player) to listen to during the dreaded dental procedure. I planned on getting this done first thing in the morning after I dropped the kids off at school...but the computer would not turn on!! I tried for about an hour to get the computer to boot up, but it wouldn't. Then I remembered the laptop and decided to use it, instead. Guess what? It's battery was just about dead and the power cord was not working!! I got to quickly check my e-mail and facebook before the battery died. I tried different plugs, wiggling the cord, everything but it would not work! Not the greatest way to start off root canal Thursday, in my book!

After lunch, Dave came home and I was off to my root canal appointment. Technically, I could've walked. I purposefully choose dentists (this is our 3rd...) who are located in the business park across the street from our neighborhood so that we can walk there. The biggest obstacle to this goal, however, is that the street you have to cross, although it does have a light, is freakishly busy and scary to cross. Plus it was colder that day. Plus, having never had a root canal before, I didn't know if I would really feel like walking home afterwards. I'm glad I drove.

I have inherited a lot of really wonderful things from my mom....my teeth not being one of them, however! (Sorry Mom...still love you!) She has told me how it can be very hard for her to get numb for dental procedures and how her root canals have been two-parter's. I didn't really think about any of this before my root canal...everyone said it would be no big deal at all, so that is what I expected. Until he had numbed me 4 different times already and I could still feel the drilling. The dentist said, as a last resort, he could just drill very quickly into the nerve cavity and then be able to inject anesthetic directly into it. Well, it turns out I also had a pulp stone (akin to a kidney stone, only in your tooth root) so he had to "quickly" drill into my nerve about 4-5 different times! Then he had to inject the pain killer directly into about 2-3 more times before I was finally numb! But this time, my jaw was already killing me from being propped open for 45 minutes, and the root canal hadn't even officially started yet! This is one reason why I only got 1/2 a root canal that day...

There was, however, good news when I came home from the dentist...Dave had called Sam's Club (where we purchased our relatively new and now dead computer) and the very nice manager there said that he would take the computer back as a return and credit us so we could buy a new one!! What a nice guy! And what great customer service! So we picked out a new one on Saturday and Dave set it all up Saturday night while I used the laptop (the new cord was ordered, but the old one was working again, randomly.) He spent a lot of time last night switching all our old computer data (which a nice friend of his from work was able to save off our dead computer!) to the new computer. I still have not hooked up the camera to the new computer, however, which was the whole point of this long-winded post. :) I have not been taking nearly as many pictures as I used to, anyway, since my camera is getting old and not taking very good pictures...but there are a few memorable moments sitting on that little card inside my camera that I really should download and blog now that the great computer change-over has taken place!

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  1. well, that was a lot of words for one session is all i can say!! so sorry about not numbing and how hard that was for you-sure reminds me of my session, now that you mention it. ohhh.
    i don't see any real differences with your photos from before. keep up the pics, we love 'em. sooooooo glad you didn't lose everything from you out-of-sorts hard drive!!