Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big boy hair!

It's hard to see it in the above adorable picture of adorable Brighton, but he was starting to sport a mullet. I don't have anything against people who choose this particular style of hair, it's just not my thing....nor do I want the mullet to be the thing for any of my kids. :) It was time for Brighton's first hair cut! I have wanted to trim it for some time, but the protests of his siblings and father have delayed this momentous event. It seems that everyone was very attached to his baby hair, except his mother. :)

But once I started throwing around the "mullet" term, I garnered Dave's full support...well mostly full. :) I trimmed it Sunday morning before he got in the shower with his daddy. He was very wiggly and the hair cut is NOT even in the slightest...but the mullet is gone and he is looking like a big boy! :)

Dave was slightly appalled that I could just throw his little baby hair away in the trash and not save any of it. The girls all came in and made sad sighing noises for the loss of his baby hair. When he came out after his shower, the boys all cooed over him and how sad it was that his baby hair had to be cut off...but everyone also made sure to let him know how handsome he looked. :) I'm just glad the mullet is gone!

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  1. I have never been attached to baby hair myself. I even start earlier than you. Lucas got his first buzz at 6 months. His hair was super uneven from the way he slept. The rest of the boys have been from 4 months to 7 months with their first hair cuts.