Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why we loved it when it flooded!

Last spring (of '08), Lake Monroe flooded pretty heavily. We had some nice warm weather after some very heavy rains and decided to go kayaking! It ROCKED!!! We basically drove down one of the side roads and just drove until we hit water. Then we got out, unloaded the 'yaks, loaded up, and pushed off the road with our paddles.

After paddling around for awhile, we floated down a road we usually took to drive to the lake. We landed on a road that led down to this road and got out for a snack. (Snackage always makes the kids last longer on any outing!) We then loaded back up and back down the road and got such a huge kick out of the sign: "Do not cross when flooded." And "High water".

This was when I was about 4 months pregnant with Brighton and was my life jacket (squeezing my growing tummy) was very uncomfortable...but safety first!

This is on dry land while partaking of the afore mentioned snackage. Scarlett thought it would be fun to share with her sweet daddy. :) What a nice girl. :)

Here's Elijah and Haven getting all loaded up and ready to go back out on the water! This kayaking trip was one of my favorites...smoothly floating in shallow water; maneuvering through the trees and brush; paddling down the "road"; it was just so awesome! :)

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