Monday, March 23, 2009

Picture tag!!

I was tagged on Sarah's blog!! How exciting and fun! :)

The rules:

1.Go to your document/pictures file on your computer

2.Go to the 6th file

3.Go to the 6th picture

4. Blog about that picture

5. Tag 6 other people

The above picture was my result!! A little on the blurry was the day when the kids were playing together, pretending to dig up dino bones. This is the dino they "dug up". Pretty imaginative, I think. Sebastian looked up this dinosaur in a book about feathered dinosaurs and he concocted the whole game. All the kids thought it was great fun. Sebastian has been into dinosaurs since he first started learning to talk! He was walking around as a two year old telling people all about dinosaurs like pachycephalosaurus, ankylasaurus and styracosaurus. When people asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would perfectly enunciate the word "paleontologist". When we lived in Boulder, we went to Barnes and Noble a lot since Dave worked there and we could hang out in the kid section for hours reading books, playing with the trains and seeing glimpses of Dave now and again. One time when Fiona was a baby, we ventured in and, on our way to the kids section at the back, we spotted a very special person! There in the "mystery" section was Dr. Robert Bakker, a very famous paleontologist whom we all recognized right away! He was in almost every documentary we had watched about dinosaurs!!! I felt a little star struck but Sebastian was too young to feel inhibited by such things. I got up a bit of courage and walked over and said "excuse me, are you Bob Bakker the paleontologist?" He turned and smiled warmly and said, in only the sweet, excited, animated way Bob Bakker can, "why yes, I am" and he looked down at the two little boys with me and smiled at them warmly as I explained that he was looking at one of his biggest fans. He talked to Sebastian and asked him what his favorite dinos were and they chatted a bit. Sebastian was not quite even 4 years old yet, so it wasn't the deepest of conversations, but it was so cute and so much fun talking to a real live paleontologist! We saw Bob and his wife several more times at Barnes and Noble (almost always in the "mystery" section) and they always took the time to speak to us. He also autographed his book, Raptor Red, for Sebastian. Of course it was a few more years before Sebastian was old enough to read it (it's a novel about a raptor), but he loved it all the same. :) Sebastian is still very interested in paleontology (as is Elijah), but Sebastian is more focused these days on DNA and the genetics of dinos and ancient creatures. He would like to someday help in the research of cloning to bring some of these animals back. I just hope they only bring back the cute and fuzzy ones....

I tag the following six people: Shan, Kim, Maggie, Katie, Jenn and Michelle!! :)

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