Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grama's visit!

My mom was nice enough to come out to hang with me and the kids while Dave is in China. :) What a nice mom! And what a fun Grama!! :) Brighton likes her! I just LOVE his baby-must-eat-your-face kisses! He is so sweet and snuggly and cuddly and lovey!! :) What a sweety muffin!!!
My mom suggested to the kids that they use a few grocery bags to make some puppets. They spent a few minutes drawing on them (with help from Grama with eyes, etc). Fiona started using her's as a puppet right away...with her hand in it and talking from behind the wall, etc. Scarlett and Haven had other ideas...(that's Scarlett's little eyes peaking out from the sack above!)
We finally got a decent snow storm (we've been waiting ALL winter!) and decided to have a little candle-lit dinner to be able to enjoy the falling snow outside.
My mom cooked some pork chops and we had we had mashed potatoes and gravy and I made the most perfect biscuits I have ever made...EVER!! (Thank you, Alton Brown, for the great tips! Cold butter and a food processor make all the difference!) Of course they were made from evil white flour, but we thought of them as desert and topped them with jam, so we felt okay about it. :) The snow storm didn't last nearly long enough, though!

We tried to get a good group photo of the kids. The pictures above and below are the best 2 we obviously it didn't work out too too well..we will try again! Everyone was a bit too hyped up and silly....and I had been taking pictures of them for almost a half hour straight so they were getting sick of seeing the camera...they are all so adorable,'s hard not to want to catch every moment on film! :)

Best bro's Elijah and Sebastian. :)

A very common look from Elijah...the "I don't know, it's funny" type of look....

I bugged Sebastian for a good 15 minutes trying to get some good photos of him. He giggled through most of it, then got irritated, then giggled, then pulled silly/weird faces, then giggled...he's not too fond of having his picture taken. He's such a sweet son, though. He just walked through the room and asked me where the drawing bag is (the canvas bag we took to church with paper and pencils, etc). I pointed it out to him and, as he was walking back to his room, he patted me on the back and said "you're such a great mom...I wish I could clone you and have a bunch of moms just like you" giggle giggle giggle. :)

Now Fiona's "in the bag".... :)

Brighton with his "2nd mom," Fiona. Haven would be his "3rd mom" and Scarlett would be his "4th mom". :)

What a sweet, fun Grama! :)


  1. Soo cute! I love that your mom came, it's always so nice to have mom around, especially when hubby is away! I love the pics...the one of Elijah and Sebastian, and the one of Fiona and Brighton are awesome! You have a good camera. Enjoy yet another snowy today! :)

  2. So cute!! I always miss you when I read your blog! I can't believe how different Elijah looks--he has grown up a lot! Glad you are all having fun!

  3. It just blows me away looking at the pictures of all your kids together and I think, Oh My Gosh, you have 6 kids!!! We are the same age and grew up together and you have 6 kids! Growing up blows my mind.
    Your family is so cute and your kids look like just a handful of fun, great kids!!!