Friday, March 20, 2009

Camping trip

We went camping in the fall of 2007 with our friends, Nate and Jen. We stayed in this area of S. Indiana where there are literally 80 little lakes all around. It was so awesome. We camped next to the lake pictured above and below. Dave woke up bright and early to fish. He didn't catch anything, but the lake was so gorgeous with the mist rising!

After we packed up campe later in the morning, we drove over to another little lake (passing many, many little lakes along the way) to play and fish at. This lake was full of stumps and old, dead trees. It was really cool. But while kayaking, you had to really watch out for the stumps under the water because they would make you bottom out.

The kids really enjoyed playing on the shore and exploring in the water and mud! Below are Fiona and Elijah as little swamp monsters, covered in lake plants.

The kids are ever ready for an adventure, armed with nets and sticks and containers to store little creatures in. There were plenty of little minnows and frogs and bugs for the kids to chase after. In this particular part of the lake pictured above there is still, somewhere in the layers of mud, one of the boy's sandals...lost forever.......


  1. Looks like a beautiful area and a great time!

  2. omg! that tree pic needs to be blown up huge on the wall! WICKED!