Friday, March 20, 2009

Dave and kids kayaking/fishing fun

Dave and Sebastian and a few friends from church kayaked a local creek near Bloomington. Here is a spot where you can swing off a rope into the water. Woohoo!

Here is sweety pie Fiona holding a cicada. Her bangs are reminding me now that this is after she and Elijah had a little cutting of their own hair experiment....

Here's Elijah with a blue gill. His cutting of your own hair experiment was remedied by a buzz cut...

Here's Sebastian holding up a blue gill with Fiona looking on. :) We had sooooo much fun in Bloomington kayaking and fishing!! There were some really terrific places to go and never a shortage of water to kayak on! Here in Colorado it's a different story! We are going to have to hunt down some good spots (if you know if any, let me know!).

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