Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feels like summer...

Reason #235 of why we love Colorado: summer weather in early March!! We took advantage of the sunny, 70 degree weather and went to a park. It was a smallish park, but the kids were in Heaven and had so much fun!! Here's Elijah taking a break in the tunnel.
Here's Haven climbing up the chains. I gave all three girls piggy tails and they couldn't have been cuter! There is just something about piggy tails that says: "summer!"

The kids LOVVVVVE to swing!! There were only 4 swings, so they had to take turns, but they loved it!

here's Elijah doing the monkey bar things! Go, Elijah, go!

Here's sweet baby Brighton hanging out in the sling. Chubby, baby fists are the sweetest!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. very sweet chubby baby fists!!
    Looks like a great day at the park!
    I'm glad you are having some nice days here and there. Great to get out and play!