Monday, March 9, 2009

"Some days are diamonds; some days are stone."

"Some days are diamonds; some days are stones.
Sometimes the hard times won't leave me alone.
Sometimes a cold wind blows a chill in my bones.
Some days are diamonds; some days are stones."

All you John Denver fans out there will know what I'm talking about! Some days are better than others. Some days are all shiny and bright and smooth like a cut diamond. Some days are dull and pitted and rough like a stone.
Today is a stone*. My house is messy from a weekend of no cleaning. My kids and I are tired from switching over to day light savings time and, well, just life in general is tiring. My cute little baby is taking micro mini naps. I think the pig-sty of a house is what really put me over to the "stone" side. I definitly struggle with feeling positive and upbeat in a messy house. Luckily, the house is cleanable (it's just a bummer I don't have a maid...), the weather is warm and sunny and the tired kids are playing happily outdoors, and my baby is just beyond adorable. :) And, hey, if you never have experienced a stone, would you truly appreciate a diamond?
*I much prefer stones to diamonds, by the way. If I could've fit a nice piece of red flagstone on my wedding ring, that is the way I would've gone. :)

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  1. i hear ya is so hard getting stuf done in your head when life around you is in shambles.
    its so hard having a hubby that works all the time. what an awsome mom! stone days are oh so often and normal.
    thats what family is all about...helping eachother. we make cleaning a game out our house....without it i know i would explode from doing everything on my own 24 7.

    ditto on the stone thing. i wear a moonstone or petrified dinosour bone ring for my wed ring. i love me some stone!!!

    hang in there darling....